Education and mentorship.

Therapy is a dynamic field with new innovative treatment methods, technologies, and research cropping up every day. "Environment of Learning" is MedStar Health Physical Therapy's career development model for outpatient therapists and therapist assistants. Our team members enjoy exposure to the more than 60 specialty therapy services practiced within MedStar Health. We strive to be the best environment for learning in the region and the country.

​​​​​​​Our robust, multifaceted mentorship program and spectrum of internal therapy-specific, multispecialty educational opportunities are unmatched. You'll benefit from both clinical and leadership career pathways. And there is so much more.
Our environment of learning includes:
  • Interactive shadowing
  • Formal lectures led by physicians and therapists
  • Formal and informal CEU programming
  • Surgical observations
  • Networking opportunities with referring community physicians
  • Journal clubs

  • Study and discussion groups
  • Opportunities to learn from top orthopedic surgeons and physicians
  • Program specialty tracks
  • Management opportunities with training
  • Mentors to guide the way for professional development
  • Specialty conferences

Mentorship program

We offer a six-month new hire mentorship program for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants as well as 12-month clinical specialty mentorship tracks.

New hire mentorship program

The new hire mentorship program pairs a new associate with an experienced mentor. The program focuses on the clinical development of new hires and begins during the associate’s introductory period (first 90 days).

It consists of four main parts: 
  • Introduction to the MedStar Health Physical Therapy department and goal development
  • Enhancing clinical and time management skills
  • Maximizing physician relationships and direct access initiatives
  • Promoting continued education and development within the network

Both new graduates and experienced new hires are eligible to participate. The program is individualized to the new hire experience and serves as a bridge to connect the new hire with program specialties, resources, and other professionals.

Clinical specialty mentorship tracks

Our 12-month clinical specialty mentorship tracks focus on the professional development of mentees in an area of clinical specialty. We currently offer nine clinical tracks:
  • Orthopedic manual therapy
  • Sports medicine
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Direct access
  • Hand therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Cardio/Pulmonary
  • Vascular/Amputee
  • Leader of the future

​​​​An experienced clinical specialist is paired with two to three mentees per year. New mentees may apply for specific specialty tracks in January and June, after successful completion of both the introductory period and the new hire mentorship program. 

The program is individualized to meet the mentee’s goals and consists of four main parts:
  • Goals setting with clinical specialist and mentee
  • Developing an action plan to achieve the goals
  • Monthly meetings between mentee and clinical specialist for learning and tracking of goal achievement
  • Participation in specialty pod meetings, journal clubs, educational opportunities, etc.

Sports residency program

The MedStar Health Physical Therapy Sports Residency is accredited by the APTA as a post-professional program for physical therapists in sports.  The mission of this program is to provide the resident with a unique clinical experience to enhance their knowledge and competency in a variety of sport environments. The Program is dedicated to enhancing the quality and enjoyment of an active lifestyle for all athletes and patients across the lifespan through guided mentoring and didactic teaching, interprofessional collaboration, and ample exposure to sports and athletes of all backgrounds. The Sports Residency Program will achieve this mission by ensuring the advancement of the competent physical therapist through education and professional service into a board-certified clinical specialist.