Earn a $6,000 bonus when you refer a qualified registered nurse who is hired into an eligible position at MedStar Health Home Care. 
At MedStar Health Home Care, we know our best talent comes from those referred by current associates. Who better to offer insight into why other talented people should join MedStar Health than the ones who already enjoy working here.

How the program works.

  1. View current eligible positionsEligible positions must require an RN license.
  2. Ask the RN you are referring to complete an online application and name you as the referral source. If your (the referring associate) name is not accurately listed on the application, the bonus will not be awarded.
  3. If your referral is hired into a qualifying RN position, you’ll receive a bonus of $6,000.

Please note, this bonus program only applies to associates who refer external candidates (i.e., RNs not currently employed by MedStar Health).

Program details.

​​​​​​​Associate eligibility
  • All MedStar Health associates, including active PRNs meeting scheduling requirements, are eligible to refer candidates to any qualifying position.
  • Current associates (in any status) may not be referred.
  • Leaders may not refer for units they individually supervise.
  • Leaders, including supervisors and above, and Human Resources associates are excluded from the program.
Candidate eligibility​​​​​​​
  • Agency contractors and temporary workers are not eligible for referral or bonus payout.
  • Candidates that have applied for a position at MedStar Health within one calendar year of the referral date are not eligible for the referral bonus.
  • Candidates must have applied on or after the effective date of the program (March 8, 2022).
Program rules
  • Program duration, including start and stop, is at the discretion of the hiring entity.
  • Referred candidate must identify name of referring associate at the time of online application. Each referred candidate may only have one referrer.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals an associate may make.
  • Position must require a RN license to be eligible.
Referral bonus payout
Associate referral bonuses are paid out in two installments, of $3,000 each, according to the following milestones:
  •  90 days of employment
  •  One year of employment
For more information, please contact the HR Solution Center at [email protected]