Our commitment to accessibility.

MedStar Health is an equal opportunity employer. It is committed to treating individuals with disabilities in a fair, lawful and equitable manner; thereby providing them with the same employment opportunities, terms and conditions, benefits and privileges as individuals without disabilities, as required by applicable federal, state or local laws. This commitment extends to individuals who are current employees or job applicants. 

MedStar Health will, among other things, provide individuals with disabilities with reasonable accommodations to apply for employment, participate in the interview process, perform essential functions of the relevant position, and enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by similarly situated employees who do not have disabilities. 

MedStar Health prohibits the unlawful use of an individual’s physical or mental disability, need for a reasonable accommodation, or relationship with an individual with a disability as determining factors in employment decisions. Rather, our focus is on objective criteria, such as an applicant’s or employee’s skills, abilities and other job or business- related factors. 

MedStar Health is committed to being an employer of choice by attracting, developing and retaining skilled and engaged associates through the use of best practice employment procedures.